About Annie

Whether it’s natural sounding chat for Barclays, sultry European tones for Prada, thought-provoking hero lines for Firefox, girly US voices for Disney, or engaging reads for corporate projects, I’ve voiced a vast range of scripts for all sorts of companies.

I have over 10 years of professional voice over experience under my belt and can be relied on to consistently deliver high-quality voice work. Projects I’ve voiced include national and international commercials, feature films, video games, corporate projects, e-learning, explainer videos, apps…the list goes on!

My natural voice is in the 20s-30s age range, from just outside London (an estuary/home counties accent), and sounds clear, warm and engaging.

My voice is believable and I’m able to fill the boots of a wide range of characters with different tones and accents.

I’m versatile and have the ability to get stuck into the story you want to tell.

Annie Warburton Voice Over